Overhead Storage Systems That Work For You

Featuring the Enduro-Deck System, Onrax overhead storage solutions are a perfect blend of elegant design and superior functionality. We offer both Stationary Storage Solutions as well as Motorized Storage Solutions, ensuring you get the storage option that best suits your needs. These frames come in Silver and White.

Stationary Storage Solutions

4’x8′ Overhead Rack with Enduro-Deck

Also available in 4’x6′ & 4’x4′

3’x8′ Overhead Rack with Enduro-Deck

Also available in 3’x6′ & 4’x3′

2’x8′ Overhead Rack with Enduro-Deck

Also available in 2’x6′ & 2’x4′

Stationary Storage Features

  • Up to 8′ wide openings for storing long and bulky items
  • Heavy duty construction using 14 gague steel frame
  • Available in white and silver vein
  • Extremely durable, scratch resistant powder-coated finish
  • Unique Enduro-Deck powder coated steel decking
  • Up to a 800lb. capacity on the SL4 and SL3 models
  • 2 height adjustment ranges with a maximum drop of 45″
  • Custom sizes available for lofted and angled ceilings
  • All hardware and installation instructions included
  • Net enclosures available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

We also feature Motorized Storage Solutions

4’x8′ Overhead Motorized Storage Platform

Also available in 4’x6′, 3’x8′, 3’x6′, 4’x4′, & 3’x4′

  • Wall mounted control box with keyed lockout
  • 400 pound capacity
  • Powder coated steel frame, decking and mounting brackets
  • Super duty seat belt webbing with 1500# break strength per corner
  • Real netting for all four sides
  • Lowers all the way to the floor and can be stopped at any level
  • Accommodates ceiling up to 16 ft.
  • Requires a minimum of 29″ clearance
  • Four point lift system ensure platform stability
  • Everything included for installation
  • Secure online ordering