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FLEXMAR POLYASPARTICS THE ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR QUALITY GARAGE FLOOR COATINGS We offer hassle Free detailed estimates – No High-pressure sales experience! – Interest FREE Financing – Get a Quick Quote or Virtual Consultation today!

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By providing the highest-grade coating systems and installation techniques, we continue to stay leaps and bounds ahead of the competion!

Flexmar polyaspartic coatings are rugged enough to withstand abrasion and wear from heavy foot and vehicle traffic, staining and degradation from chemical exposure, and will never fade or yellow like the competition.  Our 1 Day floors and can be walked on in a few hours, driven on in 24hrs, and will last a lifetime.

BEWARE of the claims made by other coating installers that a Polyurea or Epoxy primer base coat is “UV Resistant” if applied under a clear polyaspartic topcoat and full broadcast chip system.  This claim is flat out false and misleading!!  Clear polyapsartic cannot and will not shield or improve the basic chemistry of polyurea or epoxy.  Please view our video that includes actual testing to back up our claims. No fast and loose siding style sales pitch here, honesty and integrity is our policy!

Flexmar polyaspartic coatings are environmentally responsible from surface preparation, installation and beyond and will extend the useful life of your existing floors for many years to come.

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