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Epoxy and Polyurea Used on your Base Coat are NOT UV Stable – Learn More!

Better than Epoxy

Polyaspartic: If it’s not done in 4, it’s not a Garage Cave floor!

Epoxy is no longer the leading choice for garage floor coating systems; polyaspartic coatings are more durable, attractive, and are extremely affordable. Learn more about why polyaspartic is superior to epoxy floor coatings below!

Four Times Stronger Than Epoxy

  • Withstands hot tire pick up
  • Extremely customizable
  • Impervious to chemicals
  • Prep & install in as little as four hours
  • Color will not fade or yellow

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic Coatings

A garage is a haven for many people. With FLEXMAR polyaspartic coatings, you can choose the look that fits you and your décor. By varying the combination of color flakes and chip size, our applicators can achieve just about any appearance for your garage floor coating. One great way to do that is with our beautiful, durable garage floor coatings expertly installed by Your Garage Cave’s qualified floor technicians. Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings lead the seamless resinous concrete floor coatings industry by outperforming and outlasting other polyurea, polyaspartic and epoxy floors across the nation.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating vs. Epoxy

4 Times Stronger Than Expoxy

Extremely Customizable

Impervious to Chemicals

Prep & Install in as Little as 4 Hours

Color Will Not Fade or Yellow

How does FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics stack up against the competition?

FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics offers 2x more floor value than epoxies and polyurea flooring with a true one-day return to service floor.

Floor Value is calculated by measuring what is left on the floor. When a resinous coating system is installed on a commercial or residential concrete floor, the measure of value is what is left when the floor coating system cures and is returned to service.

Let’s compare FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics to other epoxy and polyurea floors.

FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics Flooring stacks up against the competition by providing superior adhesion, non-yelling, and 4x greater wear resistance. In addition, due to the quick recoat and return to service, the value remains on the floor.

Stacking the floor value from bottom to top , we learn the following:

Primer: First, after proper surface preparation and crack repair we apply 4 to 7 mils of the non-yellowing all-polyaspartic self-prime color coat that wets, wicks, and bonds to the concrete, and while still wet accepts the 4 to 5 mils color flakes being  broadcast into it.

Adhesive Strength: Our bond strength is greater than the cohesive strength of the concrete itself. Adhesion strength >500 psi ASTM-d-4514.

Color Flakes and Yellowing: Since the layer of color flakes do not totally block UV rays, the primer color layer can yellow and discolor. This  is a critical material selection because it’s generic resin composition  determines if the total system will remain resistant to yellowing and discoloration from UV rays. Epoxies or polyurea primers are aromatic resins in chemical composition and will cause yellowing and discoloration when UV rays penetrate through the layer of color flakes. A 100% all polyaspartic self-prime product like FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics is aliphatic in chemical composition and will not yellow or discolor underneath the color flakes.

Top Clear Coat: At the top of the floor system  is a clear coat layer.  FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics offers 7–12 mils thickness. This clear coat gives a wear layer that is 4x greater than the wear and direct  impact  resistance of epoxies.


The value is left on your floor with FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics

The bar graph above demonstrates the importance of Floor Value which represents the quality of materials remaining on the floor.

Why Is FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics Different from Other Coatings?

  • FLEXMAR® NextGen® Polyaspartics branded label is a Commercial/Industrial Quality system for residential garage floors
  • Primer coat does not allow yellowing or discoloration underneath the flakes or chips from UV sunlight
  • 6 hours from start of installation to finish then immediate return of belongings
  • High direct impact and wear resistance 4x greater than epoxy
    40% of cost is material that remains on the floor. Only 20% of the epoxy or polyurea system’s value remains on the floor
  • Adhesion to concrete greater than cohesive strength of concrete itself: Greater than 500 psi
  • FLEXMAR® NextGen® labeled containers with 100% All Polyaspartic commercial/industrial coatings with technical and safety data sheets available
  • Resistant to hot tire pickup
  • Does not support the growth of bacteria or fungus
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