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At Your Garage Cave in Arizona, we sell garage floor coatings that are stronger and more durable than epoxy by a wide margin. Many people out there are still unsure about the benefits of epoxy itself. Since epoxy is somewhat similar to our garage coating material, minus a little durability, we thought we would go over just what epoxy flooring is here.

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy is merely a resin-like material made up of reactive propolymers and polymers containing epoxide groups. This amounts to a material with high thermal and chemical resistance. Epoxy is used in all kinds of applications, from metal coatings to electrical components, to paintbrush manufacturing, to creating structural adhesives. Epoxy can refer to either a basic epoxy resin component or the cured end-product of an epoxy resin.

Epoxy Flooring

When an epoxy finish greater than 2 millimeters is installed over a substrate material, it is known as epoxy flooring. If the epoxy finish measures less than 2 millimeters, it is known as an epoxy floor coating. Essentially, both epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coatings use the same installation method and offer the same benefits to different degrees.

When you get epoxy flooring, you are actually getting two components — the resin and the hardener. When it is time to apply the epoxy, the resin and hardener are mixed, reacting to form a strong, rigid plastic material that forms a strong bond to the substrate — concrete garage floors. The plastic material that results from the chemical reaction is so strong that it can even be used for industrial applications. That is why you will find epoxy flooring not just in private garages, but in professional mechanic garages as well. It’s powerful enough to withstand the stress of a multi-ton vehicle.

Epoxy is popular because of its resistance to both physical and chemical damage. As we mentioned, our garage floor coatings are even stronger! Not only that, but our installation process is also quicker and less of a hassle than the epoxy installation process. If you are looking for a longer-lasting, more durable garage floor solution, our garage floor coatings are the best. Like epoxy floor coatings, our garage floor coatings can be customized to reflect a wide range of styles. There are almost limitless options to suit your business’ aesthetic, so make sure to check out our selection before making a major decision.

Have we piqued your interest about our Arizona garage floor coatings? They make a great addition to any garage, whether it is a private garage or an auto shop. If you need more information about our garage floor coatings, or how they can benefit you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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